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Plain Suede-4587320

$3.64 / Mtr

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Product Specification / Details

  • Fabric Name
  • Plain Suede
  • Weave
  • Plain
  • Width
  • 44 Inches
  • Content
  • 100% Polyester
  • Design No
  • 4587320
  • Weight/Feel
  • Mediumweight Fabric/ Suitable for making dresses, nehru jackets, blazers, coats, skirts, sofa covers, cushions etc.
  • Design Name/Color
  • Wine
  • Price
  • 280 per meter

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Product Description

Suede is a particular finish of leather (often referred to as suede leather). Rather than being a different variety of the material, Suede simply refers to the finish that gives the fabric a soft, fibrous effect.


Suede is used for clothing and high-quality fashion accessories, including bags, shoes and leather jackets, as well as being a lining for sturdier leather items.