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Breathable Summer Fabrics

Must have summer fabrics for your wardrobe. 

Dressing it right for summer isn’t the easiest thing to do! H.P Singh brings you fabrics to make your summer bearable and look fabulous at the same time.  Some of the best fabrics this summer are linen, cotton (cotton blends) and silk.

Linen is the most durable fabric and resistant to stretching. For comfy days to colder evenings, linen can take you through the day. The fabric is easy to dress and layer. Most popular summer outfits are linen suits, trousers in muted tunes. Opt for linen for a chic look as it’s a versatile fabric for all summer occasions. The fabric is naturally crinkled, is light to carry and casual. Being a natural fabric, linen allows for maximum breathability and helps you keeping cool during scorching heat.

Our next pick is cotton of course! Natural ventilator for your body – Cotton fabric tops on the list of summer fabrics. For an effortless style, you can go for Cotton shirts, blazers, trousers, palazzos, basic tees, ethnic wear cotton kurtas or jeans. It’s a go-to fabric for the entire hot and humid summer season, one of the most breathable fabrics that increase airflow.

Chambray, sister fabric of cotton and similar look to denim is also a good option for the summer season. It has a similar look to cotton, comes in higher thread count and is a finer weave. It helps you stay cool and is more breathable.

If you wish to go completely lightweight style, Rayon is another summer fabric that is best during summers. It’s not a natural fiber but is a thinner thread than cotton that drapes extremely well. Being light colored, Rayon fabric is not a good absorbent of sunlight, therefore, helps to stay cool. Other Cotton blends that are used in summers are like Polyester, Spandex. These are low maintenance, everyday wearable and keep their shape intact. Synthetic fibers are most suitable for athletics especially during the summer season as they are popular for detracting moisture. They work great in a hot & humid climate.

Another cheaper alternative is Silk, a good summer fabric. It makes you feel comfortable because it absorbs and dries moisture quickly. To beat the heat, H.P Singh recommends Silk fabric garments like Silk shirt, formal pants or trendy silk suits. Silk makes one look attractive and can be easily used for formal wear occasions.

For an easy and uncomplicated summer day, Khadi is an impeccable fabric. It is soothing, easy to care and makes you look elegant. This natural, skin-friendly is also one of the best options during scorching summers!

With this definite guide of fabrics, take your pick from H.P Singh summer collection, and feel cool, calm and collected.