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Chanderi Fabric: All About This Fabric and It’s Uses


Chanderi fabric borrowed its name from small town chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi fabric is believed to have originated from vedic period. In the fashion industry it occupies a significant place due to its weaving specialty. It is woven by three kind of threads; cotton, silk thread and Zari. Mainly, traditional looms are used for its production.

Transparency is one of its unique features as it’s not found in any other textile product across the country. Chanderi fabric gets its shine and transparency because of non- degumming of the raw yarn. Another important characteristic of chanderi is the motifs used on the fabric which are hand-woven with the use of needles. Motifs are inspired mostly from nature like swans, trees, flowers. Some motifs including nalferma, dandidar, chatai, jangla are most exclusive to chanderi weaves.

This textile produces 3 types of fabrics; Pure Silk fabrics, Chanderi cotton fabric and silk cotton fabric. The different stages of for production of Chanderi fabric involves procurement of raw material, dyeing process, post dyeing process, warping, passing the warp through reed, design of the border and weaving.

It is adored by fashion designers as it adds a touch of royalty because of its qualities like light weight and glossy transparency. It is extremely delicate and has intricate designs. Chanderi silk is used for making saris and suit pieces. Besides this assortments of garments are produced using chanderi fabric such as safas, pagdis, dupattas, lugadas and scarfs.

Being a versatile fabric, chanderi never goes out of style. The fabric is used in a wide range of chanderi products like chanderi silk sarees, chanderi cotton sarees, chanderi fabric, chanderi handloom sarees and dress materials. It is also used in creating dresses, tunics and tops.

Chanderi fabric needs special care due to its thin, soft and transparent texture, it is advisable to dry clean the fabric or drying in dark places avoiding direct sunlight. Buy Chanderi Fabrics Online at HPSingh.