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Characteristics of Wool Fabrics I Properties of wool fabrics


Warmth is the first thing that comes to mind when the word ‘wool’ is mentioned. Wool is the natural protein fibre from the fleece of domesticated sheep and definitely a wealth of fibre properties.

No wonder woolen fabric dominates the clothing market than any other fabric.  Its wonderful structure is the reason behind its innumerable properties and unique characteristics. Woolen fabric is chemically quite different from cotton. The fineness of which largely depends on the amount of crimp, depending on the kind of sheep from which the wool is taken. It is environmentally friendly, has a natural UV protection factor and possesses antibacterial & antimicrobial properties.

An interesting characteristic of wool fabric is that it absorbs almost 35% of its dry mass at 100% humidity, more than any other fibre. Naturally, it controls the humidity around it and this makes it unique among the apparel fabrics. So, winters are warmer and summers are cooler with woolen fabrics. In fact, it keeps you warm even when you are wet because of its insulating property.

Keratin, a protein substance is one of the main constituents of this fabric with sulfur as one of the 5 main elements. Wool is the only animal fibre that contains sulfur in its composition.

Other key mechanical and physical properties of wool fabrics include strength, elasticity, gloss, extensibility, thickness. Another significant characteristic of Wool fabric is that it retains a certain amount of air moisture which makes it highly fire resistant, making it a fabric that is usually specified in a highly combustible environment.

Wool is most durable because it can withstand being bent 20,000 times and that too without breaking. Because of its Natural elasticity wool is one fabric with high durability. Not only this, but woolen fabrics are also water repellent because the surface wool has a thin lipid coating chemically bonded to the surface. The fabric doesn’t absorb water quickly and can be easily wiped off.

These wondrous properties and characteristics of wool fabrics make it the ideal fabric for use in a wide range of everyday products. Buy Woolen Fabrics Online at HPSingh.