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What Is Georgette Fabrics? Learn About the Varieties of Georgette Fabrics



Georgette fabric is a semi-sheer cloth with a textured feel. It has good strength but is lightweight and tear-resistant, it is easily dyed in any colors and is one of the most popular fabrics for printing. Georgette cloth is woven in highly twisted yarns, which results in its grainy hand feel.

It was developed in the late 20th century, by a contemporary of Coco Chanel’s,Madame Georgette La Plante and is named after her.

Georgette was first made with silk, and was a luxurious and aspirational fabric. Now we see various types of georgette fabric, which we can buy online at various prices.

Georgette fabric comes in many forms. The most expensive one is made of 100% silk.

Viscose and polyester georgettes are cheaper and less breathable that natural silk.

The traditional type of georgette is sheer and grainy and is also referred to as Crepe Georgette Fabric.

Jacquard Georgette is a type of fabric woven on a jacquard loom. Due to these patterns, these types of georgettes are very stable and durable. When embellished with sequins, beadwork or threads, embroidered georgettes are also very popular.

 A heavier type of georgette constructed in a satin weave is called Satin Georgette. It is fluid and has a lovely sheen.

Stretch Georgette contains elastane, spandex or lycra for a stretch effect and is used a lot in lingerie and couture.

A denser, but still translucent type of georgette is called Double Georgette.

Poly Georgette is just an abbreviation for polyester georgette.

Georgette also comes in various types of prints and keeping with the trends, you can find types of florals, botanicals, tropical prints available. It is a difficult fabric to embroider, hence the embroidered georgettes may be more expensive than the printed ones.

Silk georgette is the best fabric at retaining colour and pigment, while the others do not retain the fastness as well, this is due to the fact that silk is a natural fiber.

Georgette fabric is perfect for dresses that flow away from the body, as the fabric is lightweight and airy. It suits silhouettes that are not too close to the body. It can be stitched with lining, but due to the characteristics of the tightly twisted yarn, the fabric can be very slippery and require a skilled person to work with it.

Silk georgette is a breathable, all-climate fabric. You can wear it all year round, but it’s especially gorgeous in spring and summer, due to its inherent characteristics.

Due to high absorbency, silk fabrics feature the most vibrant prints and colors. These fabrics dry very fast, again due to the silk fiber content.

If you are in the market for the perfect silk fabric for couture or even lingerie, you can now buy georgette varieties online.